Personam Informations : 

Name: Yusra Rasheed Diban

Address: Albahsa-akkar -Lebanon

Phone number:76490114

Place of birth:Homs-1-1-1988


Nationality: syrian

Gender: female


Honorary Doctorate from the World Federation of Human Development and Development Technologies.

– Diploma in the development of standard language skills.

– Degree in kindergarten and psychology (2010_2011) from the University of Damascus Faculty of Education.

– Certificate of membership in the World Federation of Human Development Technologies

– Certificate of international trainer in traditional folk medicine

– International ICDL Certificate “Computer”

– Certificate in Arabic Medicine “field of herbs and oils.

Certificate of the Geneva Appeal in International Law.

– Certificate of course for the care, treatment and rehabilitation of the disabled and people with special needs “Autism syndrome” and the course of guidance for the disabled.

– Training course on how to manage the classroom.

_ Awareness sessions on drug risks under the auspices of the World Health Organization (January to March 2016).

– A course on teenagers and their integration into society at the Academy of Tripoli (August 2015).

– Course of school tests and educational evaluation at the Academy of Tripoli (August 2015).

– Course of school clubs and their results on the methods of education at the Academy of Tripoli (August 2015).

– Storytelling and drama series making at the Tripoli Academy (August 2015)

– A course on effective methods of education through reward and punishment at the Tripoli Academy (July 2014)

– Course on the objectives and the industry of teaching aids at the Tripoli Academy (July-August 2014)

– Human Development Course in the Secrets of Academic Excellence (2004)

– Computer Course for ICDL International Certificate of Computer (2003)

– course in care, treatment and rehabilitation for the disabled and people with special needs (autism) from 5-1-2011 to 5-7-2011.

– Awareness and counseling course for disabled people (children and adolescents from 5-1-2011 to 5-7-2011)

– Adaptation problems session “Mentoring disabled children and adolescents” – “Problems of adaptation type of intervention” Individual guidance – Collective – Occupational therapy – Behavioral treatment “from 5-1-2011 to 5-7-2011

Practical experiences :

Extensive experience in Arab medicine, especially as I inherited from my father and then i took  a course in the famous shops in Homs that called ( Oiuon alsood )

– Extensive experience in the field of herbs and oils and experience in the application of medicines and help people to heal and apply creams for all diseases and treatment for some  diseases such as cancer, liver and kidney failure and others

– Two years of teaching experience at the International Pioneers School in Lebanon (September to 2014, 2016).

– 1 year teaching experience at Naseej School (November 2013 to June 2014).

–  education experience as a volunteer at the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Wadi al Jamous  (August 2014 to January 2016).

– Educational experience at the Association of Modernity in wadi al jamous – Akkar (April 2015 to September 2015).

– Educational experience at the Official Al-Hurria School in Syria. A a teacher for all subjects for the sixth grade (September 2011 to June 2012).

– Educational experience at Al Hurriya School and Ammar Bin Yasser Elementary School in Syria. A teacher of all subjects for the fourth and sixth grades (September 2010 to June 2011).

– Teaching experience Teaching all subjects for the third and fifth grades at the official Zenobia School in Syria from September 2009 to June 2010.

– Educational experience School of all materials for grades I and III in the school of Ahmed Ismail official from (September 2008 to June 2009).

Educational experience All materials for the fourth grades at the official Said Hilal school – Syria (September 2007 to June 2008)

– The most important medicines that I have implemented and experienced : “viral hepatitis – psoriasis – vitiligo – thirst – skin fungi – baldness – prevention of hair germination – hemorrhoids and tubes – lichen – nervous colon – allergic rhinitis – asthma – cough – rheumatism – cartilage knee – On the ovaries – the uterus in the womb – infertility – treatment of gray – Degenerative disc

and pain joints – breast – Basha – sand – inflammation of the urinary tract – kidney failure – whitening the face – cost – freckles – acne – wrinkles and aging – regulation of body hormones – Hormone replacement – inflammation of tonsils – otitis media – strengthening hearing – eczema – women’s sweat – cancer – electricity R. Q- Lack of oxygen in the brain – blockage of the arteries – strengthening the heart muscle – pressure – diabetes – diet ”

Languages :

– Arabic is the mother tongue.

-English: Good writing, reading and conversation.

– Computer experience: Very good in using Microsoft (word, excel )