Trainer Full Neme : Yousif  Ahmaed  Kardosh
A brief overview of your life : A certified international trainer from the French organization Acted and consultant in project management, monitoring and evaluation of projects in NGOs. Worked in many international and local organizations within seven years. Founder of several charities, member of the Federation of Civil Society Organizations, Syria Relief Network and Union of Community Associations Civil society in the North of Syria and has more than 27 international and local training courses in human development in most disciplines and a member of the Swedish Charity Association Education Officer
Date of Birth : 2 /5 /1981
Country / City : Syrian    –  Idleb
From date to date University / Institute Department / College
1 2010 Aleppo University Economics
  More details : Department of Small and Medium Enterprises
2 From2000 Or  2002 Industrial Institute Institute of Electronic Engineering
More details : I have completed a diploma in electronic engineering at the Institute of the Ministry of Education in Aleppo


Date of training Training Center Name Course title
2019 The German BOARD Strategic Planning
More details :

Online course in Digital marketing for more than 20 trainees.

2019 The German BOARD Preparation of trainers
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2018 Cambridge Cambridge Academy Preparation of trainers
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2017 Organization Orange Developmeent Project Management
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2016 Organization Orange Human Resource Management
2016 Geneva Appeal International humanitarian law
2017 Mdmar Center Developmeent Project Management
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  Skill Title Proportion of perfection
1 Project Management Officer at the Vocational and Technical Training Center in Idlib Right Now
2 Preparation of projects for non-governmental organizations Right Now
3 Founder and Director of Naseem Al Rouj Humanitarian Society Right Now
4 Officer of the Learning Office of the Swedish Charity Society Right Now
5 Trainer at the center of educated women in Atareb Previously
6 Certified Trainer of Siria Relief Previously
7 Leader of the Protection and Psychosocial Support Team in the Violet Program Previously
8 Executive Director of the Union of Civil Society Associations in the North of Syria Previously
  Current residence address : Syrian    –  Idleb
  Telephone number: 00963937011638
  E-mail: Yosef22kardos@gmail.com
  Facebook Profile : https://m.facebook.com/home.php
  Twitter Profile : https://mobile.twitter.com/home
  Instagram : www.instagram.com/yosef.kardosh