أكاديمية فينيسيا للتجميل

Venice Academy For Hairdressing & Beauty

Training center for all cosmetic specialties of all kinds. The center works on raising the efficiency of the cosmetic project owners inside and outside the center and also outside the country. We train trainers in all our cosmetic specialties. And the permanent follow-up of graduates in their fields of work \\ and of course we are a licensed center of the Palestinian Ministry of Labor and we provide certificates in each ministerial .

We are a licensed academy from the Palestinian Ministry of Labor. We always aspire by providing education for the cosmetic disciplines and raising the efficiency. We aspire to solve part of the unemployment of women mostly in a Palestinian society that has many problems and difficulties in living and by offering a free profession to every person in need. Huge graduates and graduates \ We hope you will help us succeed in making better generations

The most important courses offered by the Center :

  •  Women’s Coiffure Wash. Hair dryer . Perm. Smooth. Cut. Permits. Shneon. Pigments. high light . Makeup .
  • Building and installation of nails Nails, pedicure, manicure and daisy.
  • Mick-up Artest Professional Teaching all the teachings of the multiplicity of companies and quality and choosing the best \ methods of putting each product in the correct and modern ways \ and teaching all eye drawings and the teachings of the status of all Mikab to become a student expert Mick . 
  •  Skin care Skin care is a term used to describe people in different ways treating their skin. These products may include natural based chemicals and treatments that help reduce wrinkles, improve the quality of skin health, and improve the overall appearance of the skin. A course in skin care teaches individuals how to care for the skin
    What are the benefits of taking a skincare course?Taking a skincare course allows individuals to learn important skills to help others. The student may be able to apply this education to a degree program he has acquired towards a university education, for example. It can also provide important, hands-on information to meet your specific skin care needs . 
  •  Men Coiffure Wash. Hair dryer . Perm. Smooth. Cut. Permits. Shneon. Pigments. high light .
  • Training of beauty trainers Train the trainers in the field of cosmetics and train them on how to communicate and communicate with students and the best and easiest ways to communicate the information in theoretical and practical form and develop them in a large and more detailed way and enable them to communicate the information and they are qualified for training and have plans of action for the best outputs.
  • Tattoo & micro blading : I have skin and how to deal with it and permanent sterilization and how to draw eyebrows and know the shape that fits the face and work in all ways to get excellent results . 

Adress And Contact Informations :


Bethlehem / Al Quds Street Hebron / Al Qassem Building / Fourth Floor