Tanami Train

Tanami Train is a private training and consulling institue that works in the fileds of human recources, career development, capacity building, self-development, modern education skills and teamwork initiatives.

Our vision is to build an active and positive local socity with workmarket competitive skills through training and building indivisuals and institutions.

Our goals are :

_ Providing a modern educational environment that can adjust to challenges and invest opportunities.
_ Keeping up with the latest developments in diffrenet fileds of knowledge that is related to workmarket skills and invest it locally.
_ Provide support to local social initiatives and voluntary projects.
_ Participating in meeting the needs of the local socity and workmarket.
_ Participating in enabling the value of outstandind preformance and participatory work.

The most important courses offered by the Center :

  • 1 Psychological Support Package :  Psychosocial Support, Psychosocial Support for Handicap, Special Parenting, Multiple Intelligences
  • 2 Communication Skills Package : Body language, Physiognomy, Social Communication Skills
  • 3 Human Recources Package : HR, Customers Service, Team Management, Development of Supervisory Skills, Negotiation Skills, Project Management, Sales and Marketing, Job Interviews, Executive Secretary
  • 4 NLP Package :  NLP, Fast Reading, Memory Refreshing
  • 5 Trainers and Media Package : TOT, Presentation Skills, Media, TV and Radio Anchor Skills

Adress And Contact Informations :

ADRESS : 8 March st - Lattakia , Syria