Tamer Ali Ismail Nawwareh

Date of Birth: 2/9/1973
Place of Birth: Amman – Jordan
Nationality: Jordanian
Marital Status: Married

 The e-mail:

Dress in the country of origin: Amman – Jordan – Seventh Circle
Phone Number: 0096265865481


Achieve the highest degree of success

Those who did not get success and has not and will not be able to grant and share that success with others.

The positive impact the goal of an important need

Harder to achieve in life equation equation of balance between the goals of the team work and the goals established by the management of take-away

Continuous development and improvement a way of life

  • Education:

Educational and training courses and degrees:Master’s degree: International Business Administration and Human Resource ManagementBachelor’s degree: Business Administration and the Small Business AdministrationThe degree of international adviser:1. International Consultant in Public Administration and Human Resources2. International Consultant in Training of Trainers3. International in public management and administrative skills International license:1. International Business Management2. Small NLP technology project management3. Small technology Al-kaizen Project Management4. Financial Management and Financial Analysis

  • Educational and training:

Master’s degree “of international business and management of Human Resources Management” 2013-2015m

Bachelor’s degree, “the business and management of small projects” 2008-2012 administration

Diploma in Banking and Financial Management 1993-1994 AD

Diploma course in memory 2015

Practitioner course in memory techniques 2015 Arab Championship for memory

Masters course in memory techniques 2015 Arab Championship for memory

Professional coach and a resident and member of the IAO

The degree of international consultant in public administration and management of the human from the Canadian Organization for the training of professional and university resources Tortno

International license to run the business of the Canadian Organization for professional training and the University of Tortno

International Certified Trainer ITOT of IAO – America

holds a program of Japanese Alkeisen tool in the management and leadership – SDSP – America

He holds a degree program and the Small Business Administration license technology from NLP NLPT

Human Resource Management IAO

ICDL managerial skills and management of small projects from Boston University

ICDL managerial skills and management of small projects from the International Federation of Training

Course and workshops Business Analyst

Expert human resources management course –

ICDL degree in small business management skills, “the International Federation of Training IFT”

ICDL degree in financial management and financial analysis “Kambarbdj training”

The degree of professional license in small technology Alkeisen administration

Cambridge” project management

Specialized course in procurement and supply management 2013 “Quanta Trine”

Specialized course in the food and beverage department in 2014 “Quanta Trine”

Specialized course “The Art of Dealing with managers” in 2010

Excellence in customer cycle 2010/5 Service

Specialized courses in the preparation of feasibility studies “money Consulting”

Real estate evaluation cycle

Participation in Governance Forum “change-makers”

Post a forum of creativity and creative training “change makers 2016

He holds an adoption Aris International University, a training consultant and certified by the university

He holds a certificate of adoption and the American Board of Canada for training professional professional coach

holds the Union of Arab training centers certified as a coach

  • Experience:

At the level of practice and work

Consistency in work and progress upward in positions through the excellence and quality of work and commitment to the continuous development and achieve positive results .

Positive challenge and continued ambition to achieve the best results always .

I have a special logo in a practical way

Today should be better than yesterday and tomorrow has to be better than today


Since 2001 and until 2015 to 2016

The senior managerial positions fellow trail work

As Executive Director of the … operational … development ” business development ” director

  • Monitor the funds at branches
  • Controller of cash

  First: – Work with the Arab Company for Food Supplies (IFFCO) for the period 1993-1997 AD Amman – Jordan:
(Agents and Pizza Hut, POPEYES Fried Chicken):

 – Accounting major
– The Head of Financial Supervision and control of funds
– The Head of banking relationships
– The Head of State financial relations (tax, insurance
– Head of Partner Relations Financial
– Assistant Director of Internal Audit Department
– The Head of the preparation of Financial Studies (cash flows, financial analysis, budget estimates)

General, Financial / Director of the Company
 Second: to work for company Sfdan Trade Co.,Ltd. is distinctive restaurants (Kenny Rogers Rosters) (Saudi Arabia), a subsidiary of the Group Muhayssin Holding period (1997-2007 AD):

– Director of the company’s financial year 1997-2007 m
– Preparation of budgets and financial reports
– Preparation of financial studies and funding
– Preparation of budget estimates
– Preparation of studies for new projects
– Studies comparative financial
– Financial Analysis
– Cost plans and internal control
– All the financial business.
Director-General, Financial and Administrative Director of the Company outstanding restaurants / company Sfdan Trading Co., Ltd..
– Preparation of plans and the development of the company’s overall Strategic
– General supervision of the company and its various activities
– Management of the Working Group of the company
– Follow-up results and analysis of the results

Third: Working part-time MAL Center for Financial Consultancy for the period from 2005-2007 AD:


                                  2007- 9-2010

 Team Manager / Executive Director

 Studies prepare economic feasibility of projects
 IV: Team Manager Department of Economic Studies (feasibility studies)
Saudi Mal Center for Financial Consultancy 5/2007- on the job.
        An official development department set Hawwatem Group  
               V: The Executive Director of the Group Hawwatem
                Public administration and overall supervision and development of strategic plans and work plans for the development and management of the Working Group and the financial and administrative supervision of the group.  KSA
                (Hawwatem International Contracting – Factory Karam poultry feed – Hawwatem Real Estate – Hawwatem – Commercial Office Dewan Alorobah for housing units furnished – company money for investment and real estate development – Hawwatem food)

              2007-2010 KSA


  • Wholesale Trade Sales Manager
  • Showroom sales manger ( REGIONAL TRADING CO AMMAN – JORDAN 9-2010/7/2012
  • Wholesale sales in the field of medical disposables and paper-based packaging materials and plastics for restaurants, cafes and paper cups and plastic packaging materials

Establish the work of a personal and private in the field of distribution and marketing of consumables and packing materials for restaurants, cafes, supermarkets and medical disposables of medical hands hoods and protective covers for the period from 8/2012 -8 / 2013



1.  Certified Trainer2.  Academy of creative ” Quanta “3.  Volunteer coach of the Centre for the spirit of the Middle4.   

Professional coach and a resident of an international organization with IAO

 Key Responsibilities:

Develop and gain agreement on the strategic and business plans for the organization while communicating to relevant parties.

Enable the development of strategies and the implementation of best practices.

Monitor the progression of agreed upon plans and report progress; initiate corrective actions to address short falls in the plans.

Manage the corporate communication strategies and reporting processes to ensure clarity and consistency in communication and reporting processes across the organization and to external parties.

Set standards for policies and procedures and supervise compliance on a regular basis. Coordinate with Human Resources department the development and implementation of Performance Management processes across the organization.

Identify, develop, and recommend opportunities for the establishment of strategic alliances and joint ventures (new business concept development) that will result in future cost effective solutions.

Develop annual goals and budgets for the corporate strategy function while ensuring that the function operates within agreed upon goals and budgets.

Develop and foster external contacts in the corporate strategy field to keep well informed about developments in theory and practice in this area.

Reports to the President through providing the strategic overview of the business.

Microsoft programs, internet,
– Proficiency in English language speaking, reading, writing
Defined and reference:
– Businessman / Khalid Al Dahleh,                              businessman
– Mr. / Ahmed Abdul Mohseen  Muhayssin                  businessman
– Professor / d. Hatem Ben Taleb                                     businessman


    • High School Diploma’93
    • Associate Degree
    • (Select Degree)