Siham Soukieh : I am a Syrian, resident in the Netherlands PHD in Nutritional sciences

Contact Info :


Mobile: +31645565554

Personal Information:

* Date Of Birth: 26/3/1986

* Place Of Birth: Damascus, Syria

Address : . Netherlands .

* Nationality: Syrian

* Marital Status: Married

International certificates and courses:

– I am instructor nutritionist certified from the Berkeley American Academy

– Certificate in the search for methods of prevention and treatment of Ebola virus –         University of Amsterdam

– Diploma in the new innovative diet system in Northern Denmark / University of Copenhagen

– Certificate of food representation / CNM Academy

– Diploma in Child Nutrition / Stanford University / America

– Certificate of Quality and Food Safety / University of Washington / America

– TOT trainer accredited by the Cambridge Academy / America

– TOT trainer accredited by Boston University / America

– TOT trainer in International Academy of Training and Development IATD / Egypt

World Federation of Goodwill Ambassadors Health Officer in

President of the Board of Directors of the International Organization for Food Safety

Work Experience :

Sufi Hospital in Syria , I also have my own clinic in Syria .

Currently responsible for :

– Planning health meals for the elderly at the Zoe Health Center .

Affiliated with the following organizations :

– Food Safety Organization I.F.S.O / Netherlands.

– Affiliated with Unicef in the Netherlands

In maternal, infant, child and adolescent health campaigns.

– Member of the Association of the touch of healing for kidney patient : Syria – Damascus

Honorary certificates :

Of the scientific council of the coalition of training academies in the following :

-3M International Internship Academy.

– Academy of change makers for training and development

– The Center for Training and Development of Human Materials

– And the World Federation of Goodwill Ambassadors

– Goodwill Ambassador of Health Certificate

Of the Global Federation of Goodwill Ambassadors.

I have many TV interviews and also on Arab radio stations.

Finally I have a book about baby nutrition

Will soon be available in Arab countries .

I Participate in health education support campaigns

In the Netherlands and Italy ,

Through UNICEF

And the International Food Safety Organization .

Courses I offer as a trainer:

– Child Nutrition .

– Nutrition course for the elderly .

– Dependent Courses of the International Organization for Food Safety in two countries Netherlands and Italy .

I have many voluntary health initiatives

In cooperation with a Saudi team

His name – Team Flavors

Initiative (a month without toxins ) :

The goal was to change the diet of those who follow the initiative and leave them sugars and soft drinks and all that is harmful to health and commitment to a month full of healthy foods and correct food behaviors .

The number of subscribers to the initiative has reached 300 thousand followers through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snap Chat .

the initiative has succeeded and we have already noticed the positive effects on people through their correspondence and a number of followers have been selected And award them prizes .

I also initiated a children’s initiative entitled

“A Better Generation” – in which about 200 children from around the world participated .

The idea was make children’s summer more useful by making them a favorite recipe in a healthy and enthusiastic manner while keeping the benefits for each substance used in their recipe, which was a healthy ice cream .

The children filmed their video recipes for presentation to the followers of this initiative ,

And to encourage other children make healthy recipes by making their hands

My goal was educate children healthy , and spend their time in this summer in useful thing

And thank God, this initiative has also succeeded

You selected 5 children and it was awarded them prizes .

And, God willing,I’ll continue in the voluntary health work

For all ages. so that I may be contributing to the transfer of Arab society from the wrong food habits

To healthy eating habits