Online Academy for Training and Virtual Development

An institute specializing in Virtual Training through Virtual Class Rooms.
Founded in 2016 by individual efforts.
The Center includes a selection of international trainers, located in different places in the Arab world and the world.
Vision and Objective:
Distance training achieves many advantages by providing time and effort to trainees.
Direct contact between the instructor and trainees remotely through a dedicated hall that facilitates the process of direct communication and exchange of information simultaneously.
Target :
Our goal is to reach more than 1,000 trainees all over the world and give them the necessary training to develop themselves and move to the labor market to be effective agents in building advanced civilizations.

The most important courses offered by the Center :

  • Computer courses, programming and design.
  • Leadership courses and raising the competencies of individuals.
  • Human development courses.
  • Training of trainers courses.
  • Courses in monitoring, evaluation and project management.
  • Other courses.

Adress And Contact Informations :


ADRESS 2 : Turkey - Bursa - Osman Gazi .

ADDRESS 1 : Germany – North Rhine – Westphalia – Dusseldorf -Wuppertal – Str No : 250