International food safety organization

Due to the evolution of life and expanding horizons of civilized societies and developments of civil and prosperity and the exploitation of human time and the emergence of habits and ways and means of arts styles and media and types of modern food and methods of preparation and concern for human in the development of his life to keep up with modern scientific and professional developments at all levels, Where many people have neglected food health and become vulnerable risk so we see that it is necessary to the existence of human activity represents a global health food and regulates human nutrition and in view of this humanitarian need we founded our organization, which includes a number of health professionals to  highlight useful and harmful food and methods of preparation and dissemination of health awareness of the latest methods and the easiest.

The most important courses offered by the Center :

  • Our goals

Serve the humanitarian communities in the health and food.

    1. Spread health awareness in human societies through the media and brochures and issue a monthly magazine on healthy food and publishing through our site and Facebook pages and the dissemination of video and television meetings and scientific seminars health.
    2. Holding annual conferences in countries for food health and exchanging international experiences in this field.
    3. To conclude protocols with international humanitarian organizations that serve human rights in the field of health.
    4. Establishment of the International Institute for Food health ..
    5. Supervise fitness for weight loss and control of the stages of diet and food preserves through our ambassadors in the countries of specialists.
    6. . Work on opening sports centers in countries that are systematically licensed to manage and supervise our ambassadors.

    9. Establishment of a specialized television station in the field of food health