Professor Dr. Abd AlSattar Chekis

Father: Mohamed Jamil

Born in Syria Latakia 1964

Resident in Germany


Degrees :

Honorary Professor’s Certificate in International Relations and Human Rights

Professor’s Certificate in Human Leadership and Concepts of Global Peace

PhD in Medical Sciences, University of Aberdeen International

PhD degree in quality management

6 Honorary Doctorate degrees in humanitarian leadership and concepts of world peace and public relations

Master of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) from the American Board of Nevada

Bachelor of Medical Sciences from Aberdeen International College

BA in Arabic and Islamic Studies Assistant Medical Sciences


Member of the German Board of Directors

Member of UNICEF

Member of the Board of the American Board of NLP

Member of some unions and bodies of the world’s supervisory authority

He holds most of the competence of the International Federation of International Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

An international trainer in personal development sciences

Arbitrator in investment contracts

Senior Surgeon Assistant in all types of surgeries

Posts received:

President of the World Federation of Goodwill Ambassadors

Former president of the World Federation for the Protection of Children

Former President of the World Virtual University

Former Dean of the International Institute of Higher Studies * Head of surgical operations in one of the surgical hospitals