Capabilities for Training and Development

Short description about the center
It is an independent professional institution that provides comprehensive training solutions that meet the needs of trainees, wherever they are. We offer specific and high-level professional training standards with the aim of advancing training and development to the highest levels.

It is a training institution licensed in Damascus The name CTD is an abbreviation for the “Capabilities for Training and Development”

Contribute to the formation of an effective generation of capacities and energies to build a bright future for our countries
Providing the highest professional quality in training and development and harnessing all abilities and talents to raise awareness and stimulate positive and balanced thinking.

1. Be a graduate of the capabilities of one of the strongest graduates of vocational and professional training
2. Provide the highest standards of global training
3. Provide professional development services at the level of individuals and institutions
4. Provide advisory and guidance services for graduates of personal development capabilities
– Human is the very development and capacity to raise human value of any value
– A community of capabilities is a community of administrative and training cadres and all stakeholders
– Effective communication within a community of capabilities is the path to growth and overcoming challenges
– Development is an ongoing process committed by a community of capabilities
– Understand the needs of trainees and meet them to maintain a sustainable growth community
– Dealing with respect and mutual love

The most important courses offered by the Center :

  • Course Title Description
    T.O.T Training Of Trainers
    NLP /all Levels Neuro-linguistic programming
     EI Emotional intelligence
    HR Human Resources

Adress And Contact Informations :


ADRESS : Damascus –Syria / Mazzeh


EMAIL : Director@ctd.education