Date of birth 27-7-1994
Gender: Female.

Mobile phone-Wataniya: 0569993029
Nationality: Palestinian

Mobile phone-JAWWAL: 0598734150
Address: Hebron – Ein Sara

Educational attainment :

2012-2016: Bachelor of Modern Business Administration In sub Project Management,
degree High-privilege, College of Administrative Sciences and Informatics, Palestine
Polytechnic University
2010-2012: HSC School of Muhammad Ali Al-Muhtaseb at a rate of 94%, Hebron, Palestine.

Practical experience :
Al-Ajyal center for education and learning (1-12-2016 until 3172017 )
Administrative Assistance tasks and Coordinating training and workshops.
Nawafith for consultancy and Business services (1-8-2016 until 31-10-2016)
Administrative Assistance tasks and Coordinating training and workshops.
Philanthropists Charity (10-2015 until 1_2016)
work in the field of writing project proposals and communicate with donors. (Part time)
Al-Mahawer charity (3-2015 until 12-2015)
work in the field of writing project proposals and communicate with donors. (Part time)
Islamic Charitable Society (9-2015 until 11-2015)
150 hours of training in the public relations department of the Islamic Charitable Society.
Al-Anwar al- Ibrahimia library for children(6-2011 until 7-2011)
150 hours of training in al-Anwar al-Ibrahimia library subsidiary of the Islamic Charitable
Projects :

Feasibility study and a project proposal had done to set up Bakery and oven for
Al-Mahawer charity and obtained funding from the donor.
Proposal for a charity project had written entitled ” Basmet al-Eid” and coordination
the event with Hebron women charity.
Proposal for a charity project had written Entitled “winter goodness” for
Philanthropists Charity.
Proposal for to create a healthy cultural Gym for women in the southern region had
written with for Al-Mahawer charity.
Proposal ” Electric elevator to the hospital Mohammad Ali Al-Muhtaseb” had
written with Philanthropists Charity.

Organize workshops and scientific lectures :

To promote linking theory materials for various courses during college with practical reality
and with the examples from the surrounding environment, Many of the scientific lectures
and workshops have organized and it was as follows:
organizing workshop entitle “You are a projects Manager” with manager of Programs and
youth projects in the European Union, a professor Bashar farashat.
Organize a scientific lecture for course risk management, by D. Yaqoub Ashhab one of the
researchers in the field of biotechnology and the founder of the project
Organize a scientific lecture for Course Quality Management, by D. Eyad Abu al-Rub,
manager of Quality Unit At the Polytechnic University

Administrative and personal skills :

The ability to connect and communicate within the personal skills and the
ability to adapt with different environments
Motivated to reach the goals of permanent flexibility.
ability to work within a team
Active participation and exchange of views with the others to reach the best targets.
Skills in project scheduling and risk analysis and writing project proposals and
feasibility studies
skills in the use of computer and Internet proficiency and use many of the programs.
good knowledge of accounting Where It was obtained Three important accounting
ability to work under time and work pressure
The ability to analyze and solve problems and research capabilities
skills in leadership and influence others
The skill of the art of public speaking and diction, where I participated in many of
the celebrations at the university level and Directorate of Education.

Training courses :

December 2016: Feasibility Study and Project Evaluation
Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute-MAS,Ramallah
January 2016: the foundations of your own business courses BYB with the International
Youth Foundation (IYF
( , Hebron
October 2015: The six axes success
Educational electronic perception platform- American University of Beirut
October 2015: A Course in Project Management
Businesswomen Center -Albalua –Ramallah and the course had taken in chamber of
Commerce – Hebron.

October 2014: A course in how to write a (business model canvas)
Fawzi Kawash center _ Polytechnic Palestine university _abo Rumman Hebron.
January 2015: Smart Ways sales course.
Businesswomen Center -albalua –Ramallah -The course had talked in the Chamber of
Commerce –Hebron.
October 2014: Masary course to professional with Injaz Palestine
Recruitment services-Palestine Polytechnic University _Abo Rumman Hebron
March 2013: Be a leading with Injaz Palestine .
Fawzi Kawash Center – Palestine Polytechnic University – Abu Rumman Hebron
December 2014: a passport to success course
Employment Services Centre- Palestine Polytechnic University _abo Rumman Hebron
August 2012: life skills courses.
Al-Anwar al-Ibrahimia Library – Hebron.
20112010: Amideast grant for the English language
(English Access Micro scholarship Program)