Amazon Center for Human Development and Recovery Hospital

The center aims to provide services in the field of administrative, human and energy development through continuous courses and building the appropriate conditions for the trainees to suit the labor market and its requirements, build the personality of the person as it should be, and provide community and psychological counseling and continuous psychological support.

The most important courses offered by the Center :

  • NLP
  • Human bioenergy
  • Preparation of professional trainers
  • Project management
  • Diploma of Media Presentation
  • The art of marketing
  • Security and protection of installations
  • leaders Preparation
  • Diploma of Human Resources
  • Public relations
  • Smart mother skills
  • The Magic Account
  • Commercial correspondence in English
  • Accounting for non – specialists
  • Software programs
  • Various courses on engineering programs and art

Adress And Contact Informations :

ADRESS : Syria - Lattakia - Agriculture Roundabout - Beirut Tourism Marketing Company


TELEPHONE : +963968789290 - 041421743