Scientific organization specialized in human development sciences, sustainable and licensed by the European Union in Germany as training and consulting center. It has accreditation from 16 institutions concerned with vocational and formal education in Europe; it documents all its certificates from the notary public and the German foreign ministry. The organization provides consultations, courses and certificates to a wide number of prestigious institutions in the Arab and Western countries, in addition to its effective role in the training of the advanced systems for the effective education processes by international systems and universally recognized according to the system of effective training by Osvaldong system and dual system in Europe.


A training center for commercial, administrative and human development sciences, offering training programs meet the needs of individuals and private and public organizations.

The most important courses offered by the Center :


Course Title Description
1 International Business Driving License (IBDL) help you to get a better knowledge of business administration skills. , you will be able to acquire the “heavy skills” of finance, accounting, marketing, human resources, management, leadership, information systems, ethics, social responsibility, international business and strategic planning.
2 Basic management skills programs for individuals and companies 1.     ISO- International Organization for Standardization

2.     Integrated Secretarial Programs

3.        HR

4.        Marketing skills

5.     Leading of business

3 Commercial programs 1.     Accounting programs

2.        Accounting qualification

3.        Negotiation skills

4 Personal development and life skills programs


1.     communication skills

2.     Pfeiffer layout

3.     NLP

4.     Construction Self

5.     thinking skills

6.     Speed up reading

5 Active learning development of  teaching skills


6 English language skills development programs Conversation Programs for Adults and children
7 Training of Trainers /TOT/



1.     General TOT

2.     Training of trainers on the magic account program

3.     Training of trainers on the Hermann scale

4.     Training of trainers on the small thinker program

for improving thinking skills for children

Adress And Contact Informations :


ADRESS : Syria -Hamah – al shreaa