Scientific organization specialized in human development sciences, sustainable and licensed by the European Union in Germany as training and consulting center. It has accreditation from 16 institutions concerned with vocational and formal education in Europe; it documents all its certificates from the notary public and the German foreign ministry. The organization provides consultations, courses and certificates to a wide number of prestigious institutions in the Arab and Western countries, in addition to its effective role in the training of the advanced systems for the effective education processes by international systems and universally recognized according to the system of effective training by Osvaldong system and dual system in Europe.


علي عودة نعيم الطراونة

المملكة الأردنية الهاشمية – الكرك

الحسينية – الشارع الرئيسي




Ali Odeh Naim AL’Tarawneh

Jordan – Karak – AL-Husayniah

Mobile: +962797052007 / +962777949490

E-Mail:  HYPERLINK “mailto:aliodeh.tw2015@gmail.com” aliodeh.tw2015@gmail.com

Personal data:

Date of Birth: 11-8-1986

Six: Male.

Social status: Unmarried.

Nationality: Jordanian.


PHD Educational Administration 2015 – Now.

M.A Educational Administration 2013 – 2015.

BA Business Administration 2005 – 2009.

The work:

Volunteer / Injaz Foundation 2016 – Now.

Trainer / Knowledgeable terminal Moab 2016.

Certified Trainer / The Cognitive Creativity Academy of Training 2016 – Now.

Teacher / AL-Raya Academy 2014 – 2015.

Field Researcher / Department of Statistics 2011.


P TOT / German Board 2017.

HR / Ministry of Labor 2017.

SPSS / Ministry of Labor 2017.

Academic Linguistic Writing / The University Of Jordan 2017.

TOT / American Canadian Board 2016.

Effective training / Knowledgeable terminal Moab 2015.

Leadership Skills / Knowledgeable terminal Moab 2015.

Preparation for the labor market / Knowledgeable terminal Moab 2015.

The seven most effective habits / We are Jordan 2014.

Basic life skills / Jordan River Foundation 2013.

English conversation / Muta University 2013.


Prof – Ahmed Battah / The University Of Jordan / +962799029555.

Salman Turki / Kuwait / +96599643476