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Personal statement

I have a degree in BIT Bachelor of Information Technology My graduation rate is very good. My eventual career goal is to raise the institution where I work level by working on the development of the section that I will do.


– SVU  Syrian Virtual University (2008 – 2012)

-BIT – Bachelor of Information Technology .

Key skills gained:

  • Understand the theoretical foundations related technologies for information.
  • Mathematical principles relating to sports analysis and numerical analysis and probability and statistics.
  • Basics of design information and software systems and find out ways to implement and test.
  • Basics of designing databases and find out ways to implement and test.
  • Basics of designing computer networks and learn methods implemented and tested.
  • The basics of protecting information systems and data networks.
  • Methods of project management and quality control of information systems.

-MWS – Master in Web Sciences

Key skills gained:

  • Data Mining.
  • Distributed applications programming .
  • Web engineering .
  • Web security .
  • Web Mining.

– Qualification Courses

  • HMR human resources management – BIT USA : 2016
  • Programming and Web development language PHP. SVU University : 2010
  • Programming and Web Development ASP language .

Computer skills

  • Very excellent use of Microsoft office programs.
  • I have some of Photoshop Designing skills.
  • I am professional in Networking, Wireless and SAT internet provider.
  • I have some with video editing and introduction making.

Last Work Experience

SCCGRUP Company – Turkey Bursa


  • Web master .
  • Graphical designer.

Key qualifications

  • I have developed more than 10 Web sites for this company to display products.
  • Good experience in product design and requirements analysis, writing and usage guide.
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet short deadlines.


  • MR CEVHER CENKCI : “ Manager of SCCGRUP ”.
  • MSS : CIDAM kadiroglu : HRM of SCCGRUP .


  Reading level Writing level Speaking level
English Good Good Good
Turkish   Good Good Good
Arabic As native language

Hobbies & Interests

I have a keen interest in photography. I was vice-president of the photography club during my time at university, and during this period I organised a number of very successful exhibitions and events both on and off campus.


References are available on request.

I have all the official documents proving the correctness of the information written above.