Ammar Dafer Alsaji

PHONE  : 0096407702061695

Email: Salah.center@yahoo.com

Experience: consultant and an expert on civil society

Iraq / Salah al- Din

My retired member of the Council of province : 

1- holds a trained instructor certificate (TOT) on reconciliation and peaceful coexistence established by the Civil Development Organisation (CDO)

2- He holds a certificate (TOT) from the hands of Mercy to participate session hosted by the Assembly with the support of UN WOMEN

3-Member of the International Parliament for scientists Human Development

4-ambassador for world peace and the peace conference adviser Chairman of the Conference

5-Member of the Arab world for the International Federation of the Republic of Iraq

6- Member project my skills to change identity numbered 386

7-Member of human development adviser Authority

8-National Council for the Iraqi Comprehensive Development

9-certified trainer expert by zews Academy of Civil Training and Development

10-Holds the Order of humanitarian principles in 07/05/2016

11-a certified member of the Canadian humanitarian organization Peace

12- participated as a trainer of trainers on how to write a project in collaboration with the reconstruction team BRT

13- got expert testimony in the development of the work of civil society organizations from the Institute of Local Government in Iraq, RTI

14- holds a degree in strategic planning from the American University

15-I open 42 literacy centers in the district of Tikrit without the support of any party and in coordination with network Salahuddin organizations and the Ministry of Education On 1/4/2012

16- implemented the project to teach English for two years with support from the US Embassy

17- We have implemented advocacy campaign for girls’ right to education and included mud schools in all the districts and the areas of Salahuddin province, in cooperation with the support of the United Nations (UNWOME)

  1. The representative of the Crescent and the Cross Blue in Iraq, according to the figure 10,882,004
  2. Honorary Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in the humanitarian scientific academy in Brazil

20- URGC Consultant & Spokesperson on Social & Socioeconomic Development of Displaced/Refugee People (Iraq-Global

  1. The letter of thanks and estimates of the Libyan Association for media professionals on 31/07/2016
  2. I got an honorary degree Acanutora of the General Union of Arab creative in 08/02/2016

. a member of Amnesty International for Iraq 23.

24.The Director of the Office of Scientific Academy for Human Development Branch Iraq by resolution authorizing dated 16/08/2016

  1. Member practitioner in human development adviser at the World Federation of medicine authentic human development

26-Director Salah uddin office of the International Organization for Human Rights in Spain by accreditation from the organization certificate

27- He holds an honorary doctorate under 00,068 sequence of the Lebanese German Center in 12/10/2016

28-  Master’s degree mini diplomatic relations of the American Board (BITA) at the 10/25/2016

29- Ambassador of Persia and the peace of the Conference of peace in Latin America on 12/12/2016

30- Certified International Trainer of Ryan Berg Academy under the German sequence ( JAR0400) dated 12/10/2016

31- Certificate of Arab International University of Professional Studies und Scientific Bakhtiari Mitglied des Rates der älteren Wissenschaftler und Treuhänder

32- Diplom von der American Board of Canada in der strategischen Planung und der Menschenrechte unter der Nummer IST0112

33- Certified International Trainer-Zertifikat von Ryan Berg Academy unter der deutschen Sequenz JAR0400

34- Berufsdoktorat an der University of Toronto in der strategischen Planung unter der Nummer IST0112

General Personal  Skills

  • Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Good listening skills along with negotiation
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Successfully worked to strict deadlines


Accomplished, achievement-driven and result-oriented character with good interpersonal skills .