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Frequently Asked Questions About German_Board

The German Board is an officially licensed institution in Germany, and it has branches in Essen and Klefa, Germany

Yes, the board grants certificates to all centers and institutions registered with it and they have membership

The matter is simple for each of the board certificates. There is an official code issued by the institution that you put on our website. If you find a copy of the certificate on it, it is official and issued by us.

In the event that you did not find your certificate on our site, there may be a high probability that it was not downloaded to the system

In the event that one of the persons or training centers grants fake certificates in the name of the board, we have the right to sue him before the courts in his country according to the regulations and laws issued in the country in which he is located.

Yes, absolutely. If you meet the required conditions, you have the right to do so. To confirm, click here

We offer training and advisory services and training packages

Yes, the German Board is registered with the German government as a profit-making institution, yet we provide humanitarian services within the capabilities we have

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