Application for German Boared Membership

Do you want to become a Certified International Trainer? Do you have all the necessary qualifications and conditions?

Conditions for membership of the German Board


The conditions for joining the membership of German board

The German Board depends on a series of international conditions for admission the trainers in the membership of the German Board and under international conditions approved in accordance with the professional training curriculum . and it requires that any person who applying for the membership of the Board to be highly qualified in science and  to has distinct creation in the effective training process and having academic certificates enabling him to complete his scientific career and his/her obtained certifcates shall be not not less than the diploma of Academic Education or its equivalent of intermediate institutes‘ certificates as  a major condition for accepting his/her application.

The application of the member who wish to join the elite of the German board trainers  is subbmitted and it requires beside his academic acheivement that he/she had introduced  a number of training courses that  proves his effectiveness and success in his work and  to has certificates of training or experience’s book from one of the institutions in his country or another country , aslo the institution that granted him/her the book must be realistic and not online and must be licensed and has the right to grant such books.

After submission the application, it raise to the Advisory Committee for studying his/her application for joining the members of the German Board, his/her application is considered by the Committee and to give the opinion within a week from the date of submission the application as a maximum .If the application is approved, the registration procedures shall be carried out.

In case the application is rejected, the applicant will be given the reasons for the rejection, indicating the main reasons for the rejection and the decision by the majority that consist of 6 members. It sends to the applicant in secret and will be advised and directed to how to develop himself to reach the German Board’s privilege for granting membership.

Types of memberships :

Certificated trainer membership

Applicant for this type of membership must has a university degree not less than the bachelor’s degree or its equivalent of the official institutes and has a certificate of training, the ability to prepare training bags and practiced the training process for a period of not less than two years.

  • Certificated international trainer membership
    The international trainer is a person who has practiced the training process in a number of countries, as the international term is used to call on someone who has trained outside his country’s border and has gained the experience of other peoples that qualified him/her to know the various methods in the training world and traditions of the peoples in a practical and scientific way or has experience’s certificates or thanks’ certificates from institutions outside his country or has active participations in conferences that occurred in the states or has an achievement in this field and had practiced the training process for a period not less than four years and to be able to prepare training bags
  • Training expert membership
    This membership requires that the trainer has practiced the training process for a period not less than eight years and has a distinct scientific achievement in the field of training proved by documents and official papers and to has his own writings that not quoted from others or renewed from other in a scientific way or to has his own bags from his writing .
  • Companies’ membership
    It requires for accepting the membership of institutions and companies to be legally licensed and specialized in the professional training in particular and present on the ground .

Each applicant for the membership of the German Board must submit documents proving the validity of the information when applying for the membership to be submitted to the Admissions Committee to verify its validity and giving the opinion . Any application does not meet the stipulated conditions and mentioned above will not be accepted .


The Privileges that the German Board Member obtain

As you are one of the German Board members and starting from our duty to provide all the services that help Board members to provide the best possible benefit and in order to raise the level of training and develop the work of members, we offer unique privileges among the international organizations that working in the field of professional training according to a distinguished scientific and practical plan


  • Accreditation of member bags for free , studying it and providing advise to add a distinctive character to the bag.
  • Providing bags in various training fields specialized in professional training without fees and free of charge within the member’s specialty.
  • Publishing members information through our websites and send e-mails to companies interested in training.
  • Puplishing the members sessions and marketing them through our sites , and introducing the trainer by sending his information and courses to trainees and institutions within the State that the trainer live in .
  • A special page for each member include his/her personal information and his practical and scientific experience .
  • Reference numbers for all certificates enable the trainer to check the authenticity of the certificates .
  • Connecting members with local and international institutions and centers .
  • Creating a link between trainers , business owners and scientific companies for sharing experiences and providing opportunities for training in other countries .
  • The right to attend the annual conference of the German Board , nominating number of people to attend our international conferences .
  • Providing all forms of technical support and consultation without fees .
  • The possibility of ratification all our certificates by the German Foreign Ministry .




The requested documents to join to elite of the German Board trainers.

The required documents must be submitted as shown below :

  • The name of the membership applicant written in English.
  • The Curriculum vita file is open and preferably to be in English if it is available in this language.
  • A personal picture with white background.
  • The E-mail.
  • Phone Number.
  • Applicant’s address.
  • A copy of the Passport or the national ID.
  • Documents proves his scientific and practical qualifications.
  • The type of the membership that the applicant wish to obtain includes all the requested documents for fulfillment the conditions stipulated by the German Board  and mentioned in the conditions of the membership.
  • After the approval of membership application, membership fees must be submitted within a maximum period of one week for issuing the membership.
  • The membership fees.


The required documents for the institutions membership in the German Board

The required documents must be submitted as shown below:

  • Name of the institution owner
  • About the institution
  • The Institution license record
  • Email of the institution
  • Telephone number
  • The institution detailed address
  • Written request from the owner of the institution or his representative to apply the membership.


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