Why German Board ?

We try to be successful through learning.
star We in the German Board work together with our customers all over the world. In order to additionally achieve their goals, we make our customers successful.

star German Board for Training and Consulting was founded in Germany on January 1st, 2015. German Board is a company with great potential in a variety of areas.
board We are registered in the Chamber of Commerce as well as the administrative court and in the municipalities under HRB number 28317.

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Our Vision & advantage for 2022

Our vision

Quality education by preparing a generation that is aware of its society and can serve it and Integration of youth into the local and global labor market. as well as we strive to creat global network of Arab and foreign trainers.

Our advantage

We are characterized by a team of experts who have experience and distinction in the field of training and design of training material under the direct supervision of the German Board for Training and Consulting in Germany. Continuous support around the clock.

Our Achievements

We Have Accredited More Than 190 Training Centers Around The World and We Held More Than 7000 Courses With Our Training PartnersMore Than 35,000 Trainees Have Graduated as well as More Than 1.000 Free Courses

Our achievements for 2020 and what we are achieving



Millions of visits to our website



We have accredited more than 190 training centers around the world



We held more than 7000 courses with our training partners



More than 35,000 trainees have graduated


2.653 K

More Than 2.500 Certified Trainer



more than 1.000 free Courses

Our Services & What We Do ?

book Vocational Training :

The German Board offers individuals and institutions all kinds of support by providing them.With effective training techniques and the special needs of the world of vocational training

book Training Methods:

The German Board offers trainers and institutions all forms of support from a group of scientists from Arab and Western development and with contemporary training methods

book Training System :

The training system used in Europe and vocational training as well as international curricula that have been approved and officially licensed by Germany and the European Union.

The Empowerment Of Women :

Arab women's participation in the labor market is the lowest in the world, and non-participation is the greatest challenge facing our Arab economies.
Women are an important and influential member of society and the role they play cannot be overlooked in any way.
A woman is the mother who gives birth and raises children. Their arms are built on the arms of the nations.
In the German Board for courses to promote and integrate women
in the local and international job market.

The German Board offers :

The German Board also offers a range of biannual grants for a number of countries suffering from economic crises in all disciplines of human and sustainable development. In 2017, the number of beneficiaries reached 12,000, in addition to their role in supporting women and girls with special courses to secure their lives. The German Board Foundation is the first institution to present a project for the development of societies within the framework of the education-based dual education model. It was agreed to start a project to develop societies, including Syria and Sudan, and to make them the developed regions through a development project.

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